We upcycle usable waste into beautiful and functional eco products.

Photo cred: Natalie Gabriels Photography

Born out of lack and necessity, Lilly Loompa is a testament to creativity and resourcefulness.

Our values centre on telling a story through each product or piece of furniture we design and craft. Our products are made from discarded material and other components to create something beautiful and of use. Thus most of the designs are unique and once-off items.

As natives of this wonderful country, we feel the need to tell the stories of fellow South Africans through a tactile and tangible way…through our eco products and furniture.


I am restoration.

Photo cred: Natalie Gabriels Photography

I am influenced by the beauty surrounding me; the hustle and bustle of the city I find myself in, the smell of the wet soil after a rainstorm, the purple mountains of my home-town Paarl, and the wide expanse of the night sky. Anything of beauty, basically. And when I am inspired, I tend to create.

I have realised that through my nomadic experiences and my innovative nature, I am capable of making a difference.

Motivated by frequent mistakes and learning, I am a promoter of positive social change through restoration and innovation. – Lizl Naude






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