Toona Can


This cute trinket tin surprises and delights! It is made with a used tuna can and refined using our process of hipcycling, which is essentially upcycling discarded waste and transforming it into this unique & expressive product.


Our most iconic product…the Toona can…and yes it is made from a tuna can! How cool is that? It is a great product to keep on your desk, or at home. Suggested uses: paperclips, hairbands, jewellery, memory cards, USB’s, etc

  • 85mm diameter
  • Lid is able to flatpack


Ready to ship in 7-10 working days

National – Main Centres: (Counter-to-counter)
(Johannesburg; Durban; East London; Port Elizabeth; George; Bloemfontein)
R100 (under 5kg)
Estimate delivery time: 5 working days


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Africa, Banana, Buffalo, Cape Town, Chat/Messenger, Delicious Monstera, Elephant, Facebook, Giraffe, Howzit, Ice-Cream, Jozi, Lekker, Leopard, Lion, Paper clip, Penguin, Pineapple, Protea, Rhino, Ring, Sharp-Sharp, Table Mountain, Twitter


Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


Lucky Star can, Plain

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