Terms and Conditions – Birthday Promotion

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is valid from 12 September till 16 September 2019. (5 days)

  2. Each product has a minimum price. Please read in each product description what the minimum price is.

  3. The objective of this promotion is to allow you as client the freedom to choose a value to add to a product. Follow your own discretion of how much value you see in the product.

  4. Although we cannot dictate to you what price you should pay, we suggest that you consider that there are some expenses to produce the product.

  5. We consider this a very generous offer thus we unfortunately cannot accept R0,00 or any amount under the minimum amount.

  6. We highly recommend that you take into consideration that the manufacturing and delivery time will be slightly longer than usual as we will manufacture in bulk to try and make up for the costs.

  7. This offer does not include the shipping costs. This is for your own account. Or you can choose to pick up the product from our workshop in Stellenbosch.

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