Spider lamp

I entered the Eskom lighting competition in 2014 and this was my entry. The brief was to design a light around 20 years of Freedom. My light had 27 spokes representing the amount of years Madiba served in prison, but the circle symbolises growth and the light – freedom.

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Palm Frond Light

As you drive along the streets you always see palm leaf discards. People regularly prune their palm trees but do not realise how these leaves take to disintegrate. It is very structural and was calling to become a hanging lamp.

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A beautiful mess

For my final assignment when completing my Interior Decorating qualification, we had to design and make a piece of furniture from a specific design era. I chose the medieval era. One of the very first versions of a light was a wooden cross with 4 candles on each end. My interpretation of this design was […]

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Pixar lamp

Inspired by the Pixar character this lamp was made from a discarded library book-end. My daughters attend Emmarentia Primary School in Johannesburg. In 2014 the school renovated their library and discarded these book-ends. I designed this lamp inspired by the Pixar lamp of the Pixar Film Studios. I used the lamp-base of an unused light […]

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Side table

A well-known Pharmaceutical retailer cleaned their shop and the frame of this table was discarded used left-over brandering pieces to make a top which I painted different pastel colours with a red border.

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Chest of drawers

It’s amazing what you find on the rubbish dump. I went to the local dump to discard of some garden waste and I found this frame. I completed it by constructing drawers to fit.

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Jozi Art

I am obsessed with city skylines! Can you tell? I found these birch wood off-cuts in a waste skip and designed this wall art.

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Bedside table

A well-known Pharmaceutical retailer cleaned their shop and the frame of this table was discarded. I also found supa-wood off-cuts from a local carpenter. With some inspiration from my husband, we came up with the idea to make a bed-side table with light already fixed.

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Jigsaw table

This was one of my first furniture pieces. I found the supa-wood pieces at a carpentry supplier. They were gathering dust in their storeroom. I had a picture in my mind of a puzzle. So I played with the pieces until they fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

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