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Lilly Loompa Upcycled Hip Homeware was formally launched with an online auction in September 2016. The initial company was registered in 2004 as a Jewellery company and has gone through an organic metamorphosis since then.
The Short Story
Lizl Naude
Our Founder
Designer, upcycling queen, pioneer, and self-confessed homebody, Lizl Naude has over 20 years of combined experience in design, entrepreneurship and upcycling.  She is a Social Entrepreneur from Cape Town, South Africa. She heads up her design business Lilly Loompa, a company that creates beautiful homeware made by upcycling waste material… All materials are carefully sourced from waste and sustainably reimagined as beautiful, yet purposeful products.

Lilly Loompa About

The Long Story
In 2004 I had a freak accident when I fell off the stairs in our home. I was bed-ridden for 6 weeks and became truly bored. I started making costume jewellery while in bed. When I went back to work many of my fellow colleagues started ordering my pieces. Thus Lilly Loompa, the creative company, was born. I reached some level of success, but wanted to move to the next level. After my first daughter was born, I went to study Interior Decorating and pursued that field for the following few years. In 2011, when living in Johannesburg, I started a lifestyle and DIY blog where I posted about my DIY stints, building small-scale furniture. Years later we experienced a series of burglaries and losses, and we needed furniture for our home. My business was thus informally born, out of necessity. I needed furniture and products for my home and looked to my immediate environment for
material and inspiration. I was surprised to see how much usable waste goes to landfill. However, it was only in September 2016 that I seriously started pursuing my  upcycling business. We manufacture a variety of products, from storage holders, to dinner table accessories, décor and small furniture, among others. Our homeware is created through a process of hipcycling, which is essentially upcycling discarded waste and transforming it into desirable products that would complement your home. Eco-friendly, handcrafted and 100% South African, each Lilly Loompa piece, once trash, is now a meaningful piece of treasure.
Why the name Lilly Loompa
Back in the day, my younger cousins could not pronounce my name, so they called me Lilly. Later in my tween years, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory became my favourite children’s book and I loved the “Oompa Loompa” characters. It just seemed natural that I name my business, Lilly Loompa – she is an extension of me!
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