Photo cred: Natalie Gabriels Photography

A little bit about Lizl Naude, our founder.

A life rich with experience, learnings and purpose, has made Lizl the passionate designer she is today. Born out of lack and necessity, Lilly Loompa is a testament to her creativity and resourcefulness.

In 2004, she started Lilly Loompa and since then has run different businesses under that label, including jewelry-making and interior decorating.  The wife and mother of two daughters, ventured into the recycling business a few years ago when her household suffered a number of financial setbacks.  In the course of the last decade, these financial misfortunes demonstrated that the same philosophy of renewal and innovation that informs her design work has an equal application in her home and business life.

Lizl is a self-taught designer and initially started designing and making furniture because she couldn’t afford to buy new pieces to furnish her home. She started to scout and source for budget material and quickly realised that most people discard of very usable materials.

She is passionate about making a change in her community and together with her husband, she serves as a Director of The Chosen Foundation.   With the Abraham’s Sons programme, they facilitate the restoration of men and families, through mentoring and travelling.

A little bit about the company, Lilly Loompa.

Lilly Loompa Upcycled Hip Homeware was formally launched with an online auction in September 2016.  The initial company was registered in 2004 as a Jewellery company and has gone through an organic metamorphosis since then.

We manufacture a variety of products, from storage holders, lamps, to dinner table accessories, among others. Our homeware is created through a process of hipcycling, which is essentially upcycling discarded waste and transforming it into desirable products that would complement your home. Eco-friendly, handcrafted and 100% South African, each Lilly Loompa piece, once trash, is now a meaningful piece of treasure.