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This is our most exciting page, and we are proud to showcase our offering to you! These products are made with love and care and is a testament to what can be done with waste! Don’t worry, when your order reaches your home, it will be like brand-spanking new, and you would even wonder whether it really is made with waste! That is because it goes through a careful process of restoration and transformation, to create a product that you would be proud to pass on as an heirloom and will hopefully last generations!

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Lead time is usually between 7-14 days, depending on stock availability.
The process of cleaning, reworking and restoring the waste into product, sometimes attributes to a longer lead time.
All products are made by hand. Imperfections may occur
We produce our products with the material, glass or wood that is available at the time. Thus, no two products will look the same.
We use waste material exclusively to produce our products
We try our best to use sustainable and ethical methods and practices in our operations and business

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